I experienced a longing for a family today that I have never experienced in my life. After a lot of crying and singing, I realized that in actuality it was a longing to be known in an intimate unapologetic way. It’s not even about being known by another person, but about being known by Jesus- and since He does already know me, it’s about me letting Him. 

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My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.

(note to self)


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Beautiful Exchange + Rain (requested)

reblogging because I wept to it all the way home.

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Community & the Matter of Comparison


I don’t know much, but one thing I can say with confidence is that the Lord desires for us to experience the beauty of community. He wants to use relational dynamics to engage and grow our hearts. I’d like to acknowledge that many people really struggle with the concept of community. Whether it…

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"I think I figured it out
We need to be together
Like the shore & the sea”

In My Arms // Jon Foreman

He’s so good but makes my heart ache these days.

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the thing you are most
afraid to write.

write that.

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i said to the sun, tell me about the big bang. the sun said, it hurts to become. andrea gibson, i sing the body electric, especially when my power’s out  (via citiesundercrowns)

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And I thought, here is the woman I want to make smile until death do us part. T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)
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Give to me miles of tall evergreens
And the smell of the ocean

And cool mountain breeze

Won’t you please? The Lonely Forest, “I Don’t Want to Live There”  (via awelltraveledwoman)

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seewhywho asked: Hey friend, I was very much touched by your post 'Love given is courage gained'. I don't pretend to be able to comprehend the pain and hardship you experienced, but even so, I'll admit I teared up a little as I read it. Never forget that He calls you Beloved - how wonderful is that?! Blessings, x

wow. this is so extremely encouraging, especially when it’s easy to be fearful of being so honest. thank you so much. i’m humbled to be used in such a way. and seriously! it’s completely remarkable.

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One of Those Wondering, Falling Folks